Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Place

By the request of a few, we've finally gotten around to posting some pictures of our new place. We like our new apartment!


Dining Room
Living Room

Our Bedroom

Our Bedroom

Our Bathroom

Brandon and Mason's Bedroom

Guest Bathroom

TJ's Office/Corner


For Halloween this year, Brandon decided to be a 'Chick Magnet' and Mason was a WWE wrestler (I don't remember the name of the guy he dressed as; I'm not as up-to-date on my wrestling characters these days). Puppy was a pretty balerina! This was of course against her own will, but she was a good sport. She didn't really have a choice! My favorite is the second picture with Mason giving the camera the fist. Funny boys! They trick-or-treated in their grandma's neighborhood with their cousins. We brought Puppy and walked with Mason, but Brandon opted to go without us. I think he's getting to the age where going trick-or-treating with dad isn't cool anymore.
We also went to our ward's Halloween party. It was actually a combined ward activity with 3 wards. Maybe I grew up in a ward where every activity was a major event and the ward activities committee were probably over-acheivers, but TJ and I both agree that it was just okay. It was good to go out and support though! I think if they had had a costume contest, Brandon would have won for sure. He had a pretty good costume!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Goodbye Arizona, Hello Colorado!

We've moved! We're now residents of Arvada, CO. Although we really miss Arizona, we're excited to live closer to Brandon and Mason. For our first adventure in CO, we took a day trip with the boys and Puppy to see the leaves changing. We went through Estes Park and along Trail Ridge Road. We ended up in Grand Lake where we ate lunch and hiked to Adam's Falls. The weather was beautiful and we had a fantastic time! If you're ever in the Denver area, please come see us!

Friday, September 19, 2008

TJ's New Look - a.k.a The Badger Christmas Challenge

To all the Badger brothers and brother-in-laws:
Sport your best beard/stache for Christmas in Louisianna this year. Below are a few pictures of what TJ can grow after 10 days. You think you can beat this???

Lake Powell

TJ and Puppy got to experience Lake Powell this year. We had a blast with my family. Incase you were wondering, Puppy has shoes, sunglasses, a life vest, and a hat. She's a spoiled girl! She was a little terrified of the water at first, but by the end of the trip, she was comfortable enough to be in the water if she was on the floaty raft.


We went to Louisville in August. Our friends Nick and Jen got married! I don't know how it happened, but I have zero pictures of their wedding. I guess I figured the photographer would cover all that. We do have some pictures of the fun stuff we did while we were there. We visited the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Muhammad Ali Museum, and Churchill Downs. Even though we were there in mid-August, the weather was great. No humidity! We really lucked out there. Kentucky is beautiful!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We're married!!!

We got married on the beach in Hawaii on July 6, 2008. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Princeville Hotel. We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous setting or perfect day! Michelle's family, the Wolfgramm's, the Allen's, and the Whitmore's were able to join us for our special day. We're so excited to start our new life together and we couldn't be happier!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


TJ and I went to Hawaii with my family. We had a great time! We golfed, snorkeled, zip-lined, swam, tanned, relaxed, and oh yeah... got married! You can see our wedding pictures in the next post.