Monday, February 15, 2010

December Happenings

At the beginning of December, we went to Utah for TJ's Dad's 65th birthday and TJ's nephew's baptism. It was really fun spending time with TJ's family. Seven of his nine siblings were able to make it to the festivities.

Michelle with 3 of TJ's sisters, Bethany, Rosalia, Jessica, and Baby Shane

At Hunter's Baptism

TJ and his brother, Mark

Brandon celebrated his 12th birthday on December 17 by having a sleepover with some of his friends and a spaghetti dinner with family. He is now a Deacon and attends Young Men's. Can you believe TJ has a 12-year-old?!
For Christmas, we went to California to spend the holiday with my family. Puppy had been visiting my parents in California since Thanksgiving, so she was there too. We had a fun and relaxing time. We saw Avatar in 3D and rode motorcycles around town to see all the Christmas lights. There were some amazing Christmas Tree Lanes, and it was fun to see them from a motorcycle. We stayed in CA for a week and then drove with my parents, brother, and dog to Salt Lake City. We stayed in their condo and brought in the New Year. Our dog was out playing in the snow on one of the days in SLC, and injured herself. She came up limping pretty badly. We've taken her to the vet and they say she tore a ligament and will need surgery. We're trying to give her a chance to hopefully heal without surgery because we don't want to put her through surgery or pay $3,000 for the surgery. She seems to be getting better slowly, but she still has a limp. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

New Year's in Salt Lake. You can kind of see the fireworks and the lights of Temple Square in the background.

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