Monday, February 15, 2010

Lake Powell - August 2009

We went to Lake Powell in August 2009 with Brandon, my family, Nick and Jen, and the Cannons. Mason was feeling sick the day before we left, so he didn't come with us. We stayed on my parent's houseboat and had a great time wakeboarding, playing in the water, playing games, eating good food, and visiting Rainbow Bridge.
We cut our trip short by a few days because Mason was admitted into the hospital for an infection in his pulmonary valve caused by a rare strain of Strep. If you didn't know, Mason had to have his pulmonary valve replaced when he was a baby and now has a bovine (cow) valve. Because it is foreign to his body, the valve can't fight off an infection. The doctors think he may have gotten the infection from a mosquito bite or a cut, but they don't know for sure. He had a PIC line put into his arm. It lead to the valve and delivered a heavy duty anti-biotic that was administered every day for 6 weeks. Luckily, the infection is gone and Mason is back to his athletic, fun-loving, goofy self.

TJ, Michelle, and Brandon at Rainbow Bridge

TJ, Michelle, Jen, Nick

Brandon attempting to catch some large Carp

Mason in his hospital bed with his little sister

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David said...

Ahh, warmth . . . I miss summer. I can't believe Brandon is 12.